DAS- Distributed Antenna System

We work with businesses and institutions in every sector to design solutions to make wireless communications work throughout buildings, campuses and venues.

Your building has wireless coverage issues if mobile users:

  • Complain about poor signal.
  • Sometimes show fewer than three bars on their handsets.
  • Need to stand near a window or door to connect a call.

Seamless wireless coverage isn’t just a matter of convenience. Its good business, it’s essential for public safety and, in most cases it’s the law.

In some cases, the problem is caused by stairwells, elevators, energy-efficiency additions and fortifications (such as in hospitals and government buildings) that create Radio Frequency shields. In other cases, the upper floors of high-rise buildings might catch RF interference from cellular towers, while the lower and below-grade floors may be shadowed from towers by surrounding buildings.

The best way to create seamless wireless connectivity inside buildings is to install a system of spatially separated antenna nodes known as a Distributed Antenna System. With expert configuration specific to the causes of interference, a DAS picks up wireless signals and carries them along fiber to antennae and remotes strategically located through the building. A single DAS can support multiple cellular and public safety technologies.

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